Sports and Gaming

HCS has worked with both HD Golf, Full Swing Golf and Qubica AMF to deliver unique multi-sport simulators and bowling lanes.

Sports and Gaming

Golf Simulators

In order to provide an extraordinarily authentic playing experience as well as insightful analysis and feedback, our cutting-edge simulators employ high-speed cameras to capture swing path, impact, and ball flight in a 3D format. A wall-mounted touch panel drives and controls the programme, and premium ceiling speakers are added to produce an ultra-immersive environment.

Get ready for the most lifelike golf simulation ever. Play the best and most exclusive courses in the world in stunning 4K resolution, improve your shotmaking on the range, or even challenge other players from around the world in skill-building tournaments.

Our golf simulators offer some of the most precise swing detection systems now available in a golf simulator, for an exceptionally lifelike golfing experience. The most well-known golf courses in the world are included, and they have been faithfully recreated to the point where you almost feel as though you are actually there. It is simply amazing how precisely this software has captured every last detail, including the delicate swing of the trees in the wind, the passage of time, and the real-world reference points.

Our distinctive designs incorporate a giant projector screen which is impact-friendly, carpeted walls and ceilings, astroturf flooring, a professional hitting mat, and ceiling-mounted speakers.

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Shooting Simulators

You gain a better and deeper grasp of how to enhance your targeting and general shooting techniques thanks to the immediate feedback. This is just another factor that makes our programme the ideal teaching and learning resource for any aspiring hunter.

You can challenge your friends in duels, hunting scenarios, and various arcade-style shooting games thanks to the dual mode’s ability to share targets on the screen. This will unquestionably awaken your competitive nature and inject the encounter with a healthy dose of adrenaline!

Our astonishingly lifelike shooting simulations let you move around in a brilliantly produced 3D world while hunting your favourite animals such as boar, moose, deer, and birds. We offer the most sophisticated shooting and hunting simulator software available. Clay pigeon shooting, boar hunting, bird hunting, practical shooting and sport shooting are among some of the game modes that our software offers.

The software keeps track of the movement of your gun barrel so you can replay and visually analyse your motion data.

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Racing Simulators

Each racing simulator starts with the vehicles themselves, which are the heart and soul of motorsport. The architecture of each vehicle has been certified by every automaker, and the handling has been evaluated and approved by half a dozen real-world drivers. Each car has been accurately constructed to high standards.

The circuits showcase the authenticity and beauty of motorsport that is at the core of this game, with 4 seasons of weather, day-and-night transitions, ice, snow, mist, wind, rain, and more impacting grip corner-by-corner on ground-breaking “dynamic” tracks.

Professional racing simulator design, installation, and calibration are our areas of expertise. We provide you with the opportunity to race your favourite vehicles around the most famous courses in the world with jaw-dropping realism. Our F1 racing simulators may be used in virtual reality with Oculus Rift VR goggles for an immersive experience or on a screen in spectacular 4k quality.

Get the most realistic, intense, and technologically advanced racing simulators currently available.

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Our Services

We provide these services throughout the UK and Europe.

Complete Home Automation Installation

At HCS, we are pleased to have designed award-winning Home Automation Systems. From your Multi-Room AV system, to your access control and security systems, we will design the perfect solution for your requirements and budget. We partner with top manufacturers to ensure that your home automation system suits the life you lead.

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